Crawl Space Basics

Vented crawl spaces are a potential breeding ground for everything from mold, mildew, rot, and decay, to termites, rodents, and reptiles.
Because your home continually draws in air from your crawl space and circulates it throughout your living area, you and your family are breathing in and living with its harmful effects day in and day out. 
Your health could be seriously compromised by anything from simple allergies to severe infections. You're more likely to pay much higher heating and cooling costs, and to experience cold floors, drafts, uncomfortable
humidity levels, and stale odors. What's more, from rotting sills and joists to sticking doors and windows to buckling hardwood floors, the structural integrity of your home is always under attack.
The smartest solution for all your crawl space problems is the superior closed system developed by Your Crawl Space. Using our proprietary multi-layer crawl space liner material and proven installation methods, we can completely isolate your home from the ground below, and give you a new crawl space that's level, dry, properly conditioned and usable as a clean storage area.
The more you know about your home's crawl space, the more you'll agree it's "the foundation of a healthy home."